LPW5206-Power Switch

产品型号 输入电压(V) 阻抗(ON)(mΩ) 静态电流(uA) 输出电流 通道数 特征 封装 规格书
LPW5206 2.5-6 160 16 600 1 Low Rdson,Active H,SS,OTP SOT23-5

USB Power Loading Switch

General Description

The LPW5206 is an integrated power switch for self-powered and bus-powered Universal Series Bus (USB) applications. A built-in charge pump is used to drive the N-Channel MOSFET that is free of parasitic body diode to eliminate any reversed current flow across the switch when it is powered off. Its low quiescent current (16μA) and small package (SOT23-5) is particularly suitable in battery-powered portable equipment. Several protection functions include soft start to limit inrush current during plug-in, current limiting at 600mA to meet USB power requirement, and thermal shutdown to protect damage under over current conditions.


  Power Switch
  USB Device
  Battery Charger Circuits



 160mΩ Low R DS(ON) , High-side N-MOSFET
 Guaranteed 600mA Continuous Current
 2.5V to 6V Input Voltage
 Low Quiescent Current:16μA
 Soft Start Function
 Built-In Short-Circuit Protection
 Built-In Thermal Protection
 RoHS Compliant and 100% Lead(Pb)-Free


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