LP4030-Fast Charger

产品型号 充电电流(mA) 输入电压(V) 电池电压(V) 电池节数 工作模式 温度检测 状态指示 特征 封装 规格书
LP4030 3000 4.5-28 4.2/4.35/4.4 1 Switching Y 1 High Vin voltage,3A Large current,Low size,OTP,OCP,NTC DFN-10(3*3)

3A High Efficiency Switching Charger

General Description

The LP4030 device is a highly-integrated switching charger for single cell Li-Ion and Li-Polymer battery. The device includes dual integrated N-channel power MOSFETs and a constant-frequency synchronous PWM controller. The device supports charge current up to 3A and can withstand an input voltage up to 28V. The device is disabled while the input voltage exceeds the input over-voltage-protection threshold. The BAT pin can withstand a voltage up to 24V, which is designed for protecting the device from an over-shoot voltage in battery application systems. The device provides various safety features for battery charging, including battery under/over temperature protection by an NTC monitoring circuit, device junction over temperature protection and cycle-by-cycle inductor current-limit protection. There is an input voltage regulation loop for dynamic power management by reducing the charge current when the input source current capacity is lower than the programmed charge current. The STAT output indicates the charging status. The LP4030 is available in a DFN-10 (3x3mm) package.


 Portable Media Players
 Cellular and Smart Mobile Phone
 Handheld Battery-Powered Devices
 Charging Docks and Cradles



 0.5% Charge Voltage Accuracy
 3A Maximum Charge Current
 Up to 92% Efficiency
 Dynamic Power Management for Different Input Source Capacity Application
 No External MOSFETs and Reverse-Blocking Diode Required
 Trickle Current/Constant Current/Constant Voltage Mode Supported
 Charge Termination and Automatic Recharge
 Maximum Input Voltage up to 28V with 7V Input-Over-Voltage Protection
 Battery Under/Over Temperature Protection
 Junction Over Temperature Protection
 Cycle-by-Cycle Current-Limit Protection
 ESD Protection
 Package: 3x3mm DFN-10

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