LP6312-LV Buck

产品型号 输入电压(V) 输出电压(V) 开关频率(Hz) 输出电流 效率(%) 静态电流(mA) 特征 封装 规格书
LP6312 2.5-5.5 Adj 1.5M 2000*2 93 - PSM/PWM,Shutdown,SS(internal)OTP,OCP DFN-10

Buck 2A, 2-Channel Power Management IC

General Description

The LP6312 is a 2A buck converter of 2-CH power management IC for applications powered by one Li-Ion battery or a DC 5V adapter. It integrates four synchronous buck converters and can provide high efficiency output at light load and heavy load operation. The internal compensation architecture simplifies the application circuit design. Besides, the independent enable control makes the designer have the greatest flexibility to optimize timing for power sequencing purposes. The LP6312 is available in a 10 pin DFN-10 package.


  Smart Phone
  IP Camera
  OTT
  Digital Camera



 2.7V to 5.5V Input Voltage Range
 Four Buck Converters
 Output Voltage Range: 0.6V to Vin
 Continuous Loading: 2A (Buck1), 2A (Buck2)
 Fixed 1.5MHz Switching Frequency
 100% Duty Cycle Low Dropout Operation
 <1uA Shutdown Current
 Independent Enable Control
 Internal Compensation
 Cycle-by-Cycle Current Limit
 Short Circuit Protection
 Auto Recovery OTP Protection
 Available in 10-pin DFN Package

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