LP6281-Panel Power

产品型号 输入电压(V) 输出电压(V) 工作频率(Hz) 效率(%) 限流值(mA) 封装 规格书
LP6281 7.4-18 13.5-19.8 500K/750K 92 5000 TQFN-46 (4.5X6.5)

Multi-Channel DC-DC Converter for LCD Panels

General Description

The LP6281 is a programmable multi-channel power converter with integrated one channel VCOM buffer and fourteen channel gamma buffers for TFT LCD panel. The LP6281 contains one VIO buck converter for T-CON power and one AVDD boost converter to provide the voltage of source driver, HAVDD OP, VCOM OP and Gamma buffer. Moreover, one Positive charge pump / boost (VGH) and one negative charge pump / inverting (VGL) are for the level shifter or gate driver. The AVDD has isolation switch function for AVDD power on sequence. In addition, the VGH, VGL and VCOM have Negative temperature compensation (NTC) function. All output voltage can be programmed by IIC interface and integrated programmable non-volatile memory. The LP6281 also integrated protection functions including over voltage protection (OVP), under voltage protection (UVP), short circuit protection (SCP), over current protection (OCP), over temperature protection (OTP) and under-voltage lockout (UVLO). The package of LP6281 is QFN-46 (4.5mm x 6.5mm).


 TFT LCD TV Panel



 Wide VIN Input Range: 7.4V to 18V
 Current-Mode Boost Regulator for VAVDD
   ➢Isolation Switch
   ➢Isolation SWG Control
   ➢13.5V to 19.8V Programmable Output Voltage
   ➢500/750kHz Switch Frequency
   ➢5A Peak Current
   ➢Optional External Switching NMOS Control
 Buck Regulator for VIO
   ➢1.8V to 3.35V Programmable Output ➢500/750kHz Switch Frequency
   ➢3A Peak Current
 Operation Amplifier for VHAVDD
   ➢7-bits Resolution
   ➢±200mA Peak Current
Positive Charge Pump / Boost for VGH
   ➢5-bits Resolution
   ➢20V to 42V Programmable Output
   ➢Negative Temperature Compensation
 Negative Charge Pump / Inverting for VGL
   ➢5-bits Resolution
   ➢-3V to -18V Output Voltage
   ➢Negative Temperature Compensation
Operation Amplifier for VCOM
   ➢7-bits Resolution
   ➢±300mA Current Limit
   ➢Negative Temperature Compensation
 14-Channel Programmable Gamma Buffers
   ➢10-Bit Resolution
   ➢±180mA Current Limit
 Under-Voltage Protection
 Over-Temperature Protection
 IIC Compatible Interface for Register Control
 Available in QFN-46 (4.5mm×6.5mm)
 RoHS Compliant and Halogen Free

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