产品型号 类型 输出通道 电压(V) RDS(ON)(mΩ) IDSS(uA) 最大电流(mA) 特征 封装 规格书
LPM9016 N Channel 1 60 2Ω@VGS=10V 1 300 Low impedance, Fast response, Small volume SOT23

N-Channel 60V(D-S) mosfet


Direct Logic-Level Interface: TTL/CMOS
Drivers: Relays, Solenoids, Lamps, Hammers,
Display, Memories, Transistors, etc.
Battery Operated Systems
Solid-State Relays



Low On-Resistance: 2Ω
Low Threshold: 2 V (typ)
Low Input Capacitance: 25 pF
Fast Switching Speed: 25 ns
Low Input and Output Leakage


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