产品型号 类型 输出通道 电压(V) RDS(ON)(mΩ) IDSS(uA) 最大电流(mA) 特征 封装 规格书
LPM3400 N Channel 1 -20 50mΩ@VGS=4.5V 1 4200 Low impedance, Quick response, Small volume SOT23

N-Channel Enhancement Mode Field Effect Transistor

General Description

The LPM3400 uses advanced trench technology to provide excellent RDS(ON), low gate charge and operation with gate voltages as low as 1.1V. This device is suitable for use as a load switch or in PWM applications. Standard Product LPM3400 is Pb-free.


 Driver for Relay, Solenoid, Motor, LED etc.
 DC-DC converter circuit
 Power Switch
 Load Switch
 Charging



 20V/5A, RDS(ON)<33mΩ(max.)@VGS=4.5V
 20V/4A, RDS(ON)<52mΩ(max.)@VGS=2.5V
 Super high density cell design for extremely low
 SOT23 Package

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