LP3809-Reset IC

产品型号 输入电压(V) 电压检测范围(V) 复位状态 延迟(mS) 特征 封装 规格书
LP3809 0.9-6 0.9-6 Low 240 High precision,ultra low current consumption SOT23

Reset, Low Voltage Detector Built-in Delay 200mS

General Description

LP3809 is a series of high precision voltage detector with ultra low current consumption (500nA typ. at Vdd=3.0V). It can work at very low voltage, which makes it perfect for system reset. LP3809 is composed of high precision voltage reference, comparator, delay circuit, output driver and resistor array. Internally preset detect voltage has a low temperature drift and requires no external trimming. Two types of output, CMOS and N-channel open-drain are available.LP3809 is available in SOT-23-3 packages which are Pb free.


Power monitor for portable equipment such as
PDA, DSC, Mobile phone,Notebook,MP3
CPU and Logic Circuit Reset
Battery Checker
Battery Back-up Circuit
Power Failure Detector



High-precision detection Voltage 2%
Detection Voltage 0.9V~5.5V (in 0.1V steps)
Precise hysteresis 4% typ.
Operating Voltage range 2.5V~5.5V
Ultra-low current consumption 500nA typ. (at VDD 3.0V)
Two Output forms CMOS and N-channel open-drain

Marking Information

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